Human consumption

In December 2013 the Food Safety Agency granted permission to sell and process certain insect species for “human consumption”. This means: people are allowed to process and consume insects in all sorts of dishes. 

In our industrial farm we breed high quality living insects. We have considerable experience and extensive knowledge which guarantees an impeccable quality, since we exclusively feed natural produce to our refined breed of insects. By doing so, we are able to offer the best there is available on the market. Our insects are being exported to several countries in Europe and our name stands for the highest quality, since we manage and control the complete breeding process on a daily basis. All raw materials used for the breeding process must comply with stern requirements. 

Nutrition for human consumption prepared with our insects, offers a number of indisputable advantages when it comes to nutritional value, purity and reliability. 

We guarantee:

  • Protein content of 40 to 75% (depending on the type of insects), which are perfectly digested and absorbed by the human body by 78 to 99%.
  • Our insects contain “polyunsaturated fats”, i.e. the ‘good’ fatty acids linoleic acid and linolenic acid.
  • Because of the feed used, the insects are rich in minerals and have a high iron level, higher than the 6 mg per 100 grams in meat.
  • The calcium level is higher than the level in beef.
  • Our insects are a rich source of vitamin B and certain types of insects contain vitamin A.
  • The human body is able to decompose chitin, which favours the intestinal flora.